Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get Transcripts?

Ans. Transcript is a verified Xerox copy of Original/ Duplicate Grade-sheet/DMCissued to the passed out students. It is prepared from Original/ Duplicate Grade- Sheet/DMC provided by the student after verifying from the record of the institute. Transcripts are issued on payment of Rs. 1000/-per set (per programme) for first copy and Rs. 200/- for subsequent copies. Processing charges for Transcripts are Rs.100/- (within India) and Rs. 1000/- (Outside India).The Transcript may issued on an average of 07 working days from the day of receiving the application annexed with requisite fee and documents except exceptional circumstances.

The request for transcripts can be sent at following postal/email address along with proof of fee paid/DD to:

Deputy Registrar (Academic)
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology
LONGOWAL-148106, Distt Sangrur(Punjab) India
Phone: 01672-253142/253640
Email :

Note:  Students who have received the degree(s) from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, are advised to contact the concerned university for issuing of transcripts after verification fromSLIET Longowal.

Q2. How can I get migration certificate?

Ans: Migration certificate is issued after the completion of a program and it is not issued duringthe program unless student withdraws from the program. The student can apply on the prescribed proforma by paying a fee of Rs 100/-. Copy of ‘No dues’ certificate is required.Migration certificate is issued on an average of 02 working days from the day of receiving the application and requisite fee and documents except exceptional circumstances. These may be collected by the concerned student or his authorized representative from the office of Deputy Registrar(Academic) or can be sent via post on the given address as per the request of the student subject to additional payment of Rs. 100/- (if to be posted within India) or  Rs. 1000/- (if outside the country). The prescribed fee can be paid either by Cash in Accounts Branch of the institute/through Bank Draft drawn in favor of “Director SLIET Longowal” payable at “Longowal ”

Note:  Students who have received the degree(s) from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, are advised to contact the concerned university for issuing of “migration certificate”after verification from SLIET Longowal.


 Q What is the purpose of “No Due Certificate” and what is the procedure to get it?

Ans: ‘No Due Certificate’ (NDC) is mandatory for getting PDC/degree certificate/migration and character certificate by the passing out students or at the time of withdrawal of studentship from the institute and refund of caution money. The format is available at institute website. After downloading No Due Form from the institute website, fill it in all respects and then go to Dean (Student & Faculty Welfare) for forwarding the NDC to departments/sections concerned for  no dues. After completing the NDC in all the respects, submit one copy each to Academics Section and Accounts Section.

Q: How can I get duplicate DMC/PDC/Degree/ID card?

Ans: The student may get the duplicate DMC/PDC/Degree/ID Card by applying on prescribed proforma after paying prescribed fee mentioned below along with a copy of First Information Report (FIR).

Q. How can I get Rural Area Certificate/Equivalency Certificate/Certificate regarding Medium of Instructions during the programme?

 Ans:    Scanned copy of Rural Area Certificate/Equivalency Certificate/Certificate regarding English as Medium of Instructions during the programme is placed at institute website for the facilitation of the students. They can take printout(s) and submit the same with the desiring authority. If needed, the student may request to Deputy Registrar (Academics) in person for attested copy, which is free of cost, and likely to be provided on the same day.


Q. What is the procedure to submit application and what are the prescribed fees for various certificates/documents?

 Ans: Download application form from institute website and submit the same (complete in all respects) to the office of D.R (Academics) in person or by post (along with the requisite fee slip issued by account section). The requisite fees the issuance of the various certificates as under: –

 TYPES OF CERTIFICATE               FEES (Rs.)
 Character Certificate  No fee for the first time and Rs.100/- for subsequent issues
 Migration Certificate  100/-
 Regular Student Certificate  100/-
 Duplicate I-Card  100/-
 Duplicate DMC  200/- (each)
 Duplicate Final Certificate  200/-
 Transcript copies per course  1000/- for first set and Rs. 200/- each for subsequent copies.Processing charges for Transcripts are Rs.100/- (within India) and Rs. 1000/- (Outside India).
 Any other Certificate  100/-

These fees  can be revised from time to time. For any clarification with regard to above, please feel free to contact at: 01672-253640, 253650

or drop the mail to

Academic FAQs

Q: What is procedure for late registration?

Ans: In case of compelling reasons (like hospitalization etc) for not registering on due date, Dean (A) may allow a student up to 02 weeks after the expiry of the scheduled date. However, the Director may permit a student, on the recommendation of Dean (A) up to 03 weeks after expiry of the scheduled registration date. In both the cases, the fine (At present Rs 1000/-) will be applicable. Pl follow the following procedure:

  1. Apply on the prescribed proforma duly recommended by the class counselor and HOD concerned. (Proforma is available at )
  2. Attach documentary proof.
  3. In case of medical grounds the countersign of Medical Officer of the Institute  are required.

Further, the Dean (A) is empowered to decide all the matters related with academic/ students and waiver of fine on genuine grounds.


Q: Due to medical reasons I am unable to complete the semester. How can I temporarily withdraw for a semester(s)?

Ans: A student who has been admitted to BE Programme of the institute may be permitted by Dean (A) to withdraw temporarily for a period of one semester or more from the Institute on grounds of prolonged illness or acute problem in the family or any other genuine reason which compelled him to stay at home or withdraw, provided that:

i.       He/she applies to the Institute within 15 days of the commencement of the Semester or from the date he/she last attended classes whichever is later, stating fully the reasons for such withdrawal together with supporting documents and endorsement of the parent/ guardian.

ii.      The institute is satisfied that, including the period of withdrawal, the student is likely to complete requirements for the  programme within the time limits specified in rules and regulations of the specific program..

iii.       There are no outstanding dues against him/her or demands in the Institute /Hostel / Department / Library/ Sports etc.

iv.      There is no pending inquiry against him.

A student, who has been granted temporary withdrawal from the Institute under the above provisions will be awarded ‘W’ grade. He/she will be required to pay the semester fee for the intervening period till such time as his name is borne on the Roll list.

A student will be granted only one such temporary withdrawal during his/ her tenure as a student of the Institute.


 Q: How can I get relaxation for shortage of attendance?

Ans: The students must have minimum attendance of 75% of the total number of scheduled classes in a particular course, in order to be eligible to appear in the End Term Examination. A student should meet the above attendance requirement irrespective of number of days he/she is on medical leave, on leave while participation in activities like sports, cultural, NCC, NSS or any other genuine ground whatsoever. In case he fails to attain minimum attendance of 75% at the end of semester, he can seek the additional relaxation (up to 10% of the total scheduled classes) from the Chairman, Senate.

He needs to apply to Dean(A) on the prescribed proforma available at

The students should submit the complete application with documentary proof of reasons of absence in the department office after getting the specific recommendations of Class counselor and HOD concerned


Q: What is procedure for repeating a course?

For existing students:

A Student can register for a backlog subjects in which he/she has earned ‘E’ or ‘F’ grade, However he may repeat maximum of TWO courses having E grade when these are offered. In case a student repeats a particular course along with the juniors. He / she will be awarded only up to a maximum of ‘B+’ grade as per his performance. The student who wants to repeat the course as and when a particular course is offered has to register for the same at the beginning of the semester as per schedule notified by the Academic Section and attend classes for the course.

  1. Apply on the prescribed performa duly recommended by the concerned subject teacher, class counselor and HOD of the department. (Proforma available on:
  2. Pay an additional fee Rs 500/- per subject.
  3. Submit the duly completed proforma along with proof of fee in the academic section within the dates notified in the academic calendar i.e. Adding/Dropping a course)


  1. A student who has applied for repeat will not be allowed to convert his/her request for re-test if he/she has not dropped the respective course as per Academic Calendar.
  2. In case, on repeating a course, a student fails to improve his grade due to shortage of attendance his earlier grade will remain in force.

For students of Pass out batches:

  1. Such students are required to register for the semester by paying the full semester fee.
  2. Rest of the procedure is same as above.


Q: What is procedure for applying retest examination of a course?

Ans: A Student can apply for retest examination for a backlog subject in which he has earned ‘E’ grade. In case of registration for Retest, he/she need not attend the classes, but will appear only for the end term examinations as and when they are conducted. To take Retest exam a student can follow the procedure as below:

  1. Apply on the prescribed proforma available at
  2. Pay Rs.200/- per course as Retest fee in accounts section.
  3. Submit the duly completed proforma along with proof of fee in the academic section within the dates notified in the academic calendar or by the Academic Section


  1. Late fee of Rs.100/- per course will be charged after expiry of scheduled date for the next 02 weeks.
  2. Dean (A) may permit a student to take the retest three weeks prior to commencement of the examinations schedule with a fine of Rs.1000/-.


Q: What are the rules for change of branch?

Ans: After closing date of admission, Change of branch is only permitted to UG (JEE entry) students after the completion of one year.  The students are required to submit the duly completed proforma (available at in the academic section within the dates notified in the academic calendar. The following rules are applicable:

1. Student admitted to a particular branch of the B.E. course will normally continue studying in that branch till completion.
2. However, in special cases the Institute may permit a student, admitted through JEE to change from one branch to another after the first year. Such changes will be permitted strictly in accordance with the provisions laid down hereafter.
3. Only those students will be eligible for consideration for a change of branch after the I Year, II semester, who have –

(a) Completed all the credits prescribed in the 1st Year (1st and 2nd semester).

(b) Obtained a CGPA of not less than 8.5 at the end of the I Year, II semester in single attempt only.

4. Students who are repeating I Year are not eligible.

5. Application for a change of branch must be made by intending eligible students in the form prescribed for this purpose. The Deputy Registrar/ Assistant Registrar (Academic) will call for applications at the end of second semester of each academic year and the completed forms must be submitted to him/her within the last date specified in the notification.

6. Students may enlist up to five choices of branch, in order of preference to which they wish to change over. It will not be permissible to alter the choices after the application has been submitted.

7. Change of branch shall be made strictly on the basis of inter se merit of the applicants. For this purpose the CGPA obtained at the end of the I Year II semester shall be considered. Ties will be resolved by the AIEEE rank of the applicants.

8. The applicants may be allowed a change of branch, strictly in the order of merit, subject to the limitation that the present strength of students in any Branch at most can be increased by THREE.

a) Subject to the condition that the student strength in a particular branch from which transfer is made, does not fall below 80% of the existing strength.

b) For any reason, if a student is denied change of branch, no other student with a lesser CGPA should be permitted for change into that Branch.

9. All changes of branch made in accordance with the above rules will be effective from the II Year I semester of the applicants concerned. No change of branch shall be permitted thereafter.

10. All changes of branch will be final and binding on the applicants. No student will be permitted under any circumstances to refuse the change of branch offered.


Q: How can I improve my CGPA?

Ans: Students who could not attain First Division i.e. CGPA of 6.67 can improve their CGPA. Such students need to apply on the prescribed proforma as per the dates applicable for retest examinations by paying fee of Rs 200/- per course subject to the fulfilment of following rules:

(a)      Improvement will be permitted after successful completion of the UG programmes.

(b)  Only those students whose CGPA is less than 6.67 will be allowed to improve the grades of the courses in which they had earned D grade as and when offered as regular course to other batches. If the course is not offered as regular course, the improvement in that course will not be allowed.

(c)  Students shall be allowed to improve the grades only in theory course. Improvement in continuous evaluation of theory course shall not be allowed. Also improvement in practical courses/Minor or Major Projects/Seminars shall not be allowed.

(d)  Students shall be allowed to improve the earned grade of theory courses, subject to the maximum of 15 earned credits for the UG programme irrespective of the fact whether he/she is able to improve the grade in the course or not.

(e)  If a student fails to improve the earned grade, his/her earlier grade will remain in force.

(f)  Only one attempt shall be allowed to a student to improve grade of a particular course. In case he/she is unable to improve the same, he/she will become ineligible to improve grade for that course.

(g)  A student shall be allowed to improve CGPA in maximum of two examinations. The student will be allowed to improve the grade within the stipulated time period to complete the programme.

(h)  If a student improves a grade, then the improved grade will be mentioned in detail marks card (DMC)/Grade card but CGP will be restricted to 6.67 after improvement (the word ‘Improvement’ will be added in the DMC, and the year of improvement will be mentioned in the Degree Manuscript).

(i) The maximum grade can be awarded to such students shall be “B +”.

(j) Fees as applicable for retest will be charged from such students.

(k)  If a student is found using unfair means during improvement examinations, he/she shall not be permitted to improve grade in any course.